Mike Durkalec holds a burbot he caught this winter in Lake Erie. (Mike Durkalec)

Waiting for ice? There’s no freezing in the Cleveland forecast, so fishing off the shore of Lake Erie or the Rocky River may be the best you can do in the near future. 

Anglers have caught some nice size yellow perch at East 55th Street Marina, said Cleveland Metroparks aquatic biologist Mike Durkalec. There are also some late season walleye.

Read all about the mysterious Lake Erie burbot, the fish you’ve never caught (but Durkalec has.)

Overall, the general feeling is that this steelhead season has been somewhat below average, though the past several weeks have offered some of the best fishing so far, Durkalec writes in his weekly fish report. Steelhead numbers can be expected to peak in the spring.

The Rocky River and other area streams are muddy from recent rain, but will be in great shape for the weekend, Durkalec says. Anglers are reporting fish 25-29 inches, over the past few weeks. Steelhead have been caught on marabou jigs under floats, brightly colored dime to nickel size spawn sacks, beads that mimic salmon eggs, flies (egg patterns and baitfish streamers), and lures such as Little Cleo spoons and wobbling crankbaits.