Sorry, Lake Erie fans. The calendar won’t officially say fall until the equinox, but the weather is already turning. No more 90 degrees this weekend.
You’ll see major wind, plus cool temperatures and a chance of showers on the lake.
Friday: Northeast wind 12 to 16 knots. Mostly cloudy. Waves 3 to 4 feet. High of 74 degrees.
Friday night: East-northeast wind around 16 knots. Cloudy. Waves around 3 feet. Low of 67 degrees.
Saturday: East-Northeast wind 15 to 18 knots. Mostly cloudy. Waves around 4 feet. High of 70 degrees.
Saturday night: East wind 16 to 19 knots. A chance of showers, mainly after 2 a.m. Waves 3 to 4 feet. Low of 62.
Sunday: East-southeast wind 18 to 22 knots. Showers, mainly after 2 p.m. Waves around 3 feet. High of 69.
Sunday night: South-southeast wind 17 to 22 knots. Showers. Waves 1 to 2 feet. Low of 64.