Learn boating safety for free from the North Coast Ohio Sail & Power Squadron. (Chuck Crow, The Plain Dealer)

Just bought a boat?

Or just traded up? Want some help learning to dock it, or reverse, or figure out the fancy gadgets? The North Coast Sail & Power Squadron is offering a free two-hour class in boat basics, on your own boat.

The Jump Start Program is new this year. The goal for the one-on-one class is to reduce boating accidents by improving skills.

Plus, interested boaters may become members, said James Holcepl, commander of the group’s district 7.

You can pick what you want to learn, including

  • Securing the boat using docks lines, spring lines and useful knots
  • Close-quarters handling
  • Leaving the dock
  • Adjusting trim
  • Anchoring
  • Doing man overboard drills
  • Making float plans
  • Trailering your boat

For more information, call Jim Mason at 216-905-7234.