Cleveland Yachting Club was the first in Cleveland, organized in 1878. Now there are probably a dozen yacht clubs from Lorain to Mentor.

They each have storied histories, and flags, and rivalries. Here’s a taste of their history.

The group built its first club house in downtown Cleveland, at the base of East 9th Street, in 1895, and remained there until 1914.

CYC: In 1914, Cleveland Yachting Club arranged with the Lakewood Yacht Club to pay off that club’s debt with its purchase of Beaver Island in the Rocky River. The clubs merged, and CYC loaded its club house onto three barges and moved to the island.

Edgewater: When CYC moved to the Rocky River, yachtsmen who wanted to remain at East 9th Street organized the Cleveland Boat Club, which later changed its name to Edgewater Boat Club, then finally to Edgewater Yacht Club.

After Cleveland completed a $370,000 bulkhead project and a $100,000 bond issue to dredge the basin to make it safe for small boats, Edgewater Yacht Club moved to Edgewater Park in the mid-1930s.

In 1980, Edgewater organized the annual Cleveland Race Week in June.

Lakeside Yacht Club: After Edgewater moved to Edgewater Park, some members wanted to remain at East 9th St. Others returned from Rocky River, and together they formed Lakeside Yacht Club.

The club was evicted from their East 9th Street location for the forthcoming Great Lakes Exposition. In 1932, the club moved to its new home at the foot of east 49th street.

Mentor Harbor Yachting Club: The club incorporated in 1928 and barely survived its initial eight years during the depression. See 1950s videos of the yacht club.

In 1946 the Greater Cleveland Boating Assn. was established by the commodore of the Forest City Yacht Club to “pressure city, state, and federal governments” to advance water recreation. The group represents 30 clubs and 50,000 boat owners.

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