A satellite view of the Great Lakes on Thursday. (NOAA)

Merry Christmas, Lake Erie lovers!

A big swing in conditions is ahead for the lake over the long holiday weekend with warm, rainy days before a quick cooldown and a chance for a few fluffy white flakes just in time for Christmas.

Stand-up paddleboarders, if you’re looking for a Christmas paddle, better get on the water Friday and Saturday as winds and waves are looking light, and therefore safe, and it’s the last few days of warmer temperatures before frigid days.

A sharp drop in the temperature with highs in the low 30s and upper 20s is expected on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with a chance of snow throughout to accompany. Winds and waves also kick up those days, which may be good for surfers. If you do decide to break out that surf board, make sure to wear a dry or extra thick wet suit for the chilly water — around 39 degrees.

Check out the full forecast for the Cleveland area:

Friday, Dec. 22

High air temperature: 48 degrees

Low air temperature: 38 degrees

Water temperature: 39 degrees

Winds: light

Waves: 1 foot

Conditions: chance of rain

Saturday, Dec. 23

High air temperature: 40 degrees

Low air temperature: 28 degrees

Water temperature: 39 degrees

Winds: 14 knots from the northwest, later shifting from the west-northwest in the evening

Waves: 3 to 4 feet

Conditions: chance of rain later switching to chance of snow

Christmas Eve

High air temperature: 32 degrees

Low air temperature: 24 degrees

Water temperature: 39 degrees

Winds: 9 knots from the west-northwest shifting from the west at 15 knots

Waves: 4 feet

Conditions: chance of snow

Christmas Day

High air temperature: 27 degrees

Low air temperature: 17 degrees

Water temperature: 39 degrees

Winds: 23 knots from the west

Waves: 5 to 6 feet

Conditions: chance of snow

For the full forecast in other Lake Erie zones, head to the National Weather Service’s marine forecast page to click on your specific area of interest.