Amy Lauria makes Christmas trees. Little green trees made of beach glass and big ones made with discarded metal and driftwood. White and aqua glass and different sized rocks — anything Lauria finds while walking on the beach.

We featured Lauria on RocktheLake in September. We revisited Lauria in the midst of the holiday season to give you a glimpse into the tree-making magic.

Lauria, who sells much of her work on Instagram or through her website, sets up at craft shows throughout Northeast Ohio. She sells her first tree of the year in August and by December puts a few styles on sale. When the beach glass runs out for the year, so do the trees.

This year, she changed her focus, so rather than making a dozen or so  large trees, mounted on canvas and surrounded by a vintage frame, she focused on small trees glued on salvaged wood, priced at less than $50. She sold about 200.

She also started making angels, which sold quickly.

“Going to the more plentiful salvage wood has completely changed my art business,” Lauria said. “I’ve been asked to teach and even do corporate team building with my art. Overall, I’m just ‘out there’ more, and that’s created many new opportunities.”

An accidental artist, Lauria was a homemaker for 15 years with a finance degree she never used, until she got divorced. Then, for extra money to raise her son and daughter, she started refurbishing furniture and selling it on eBay.

In 2011, she started arranged glass in the shape of trees, on salvaged wood or old frames.

Customers like the how unique each piece is, she says. They gravitate to the texture and the history in each found piece. Most of all, they like the memento of the water.