RocktheLake is collecting photos of Lake Erie’s best boat names. Send us a picture of your boat — or just a punny name you’ve snapped.

There’s Seas the Day. And Happy Hours. And On the Rocks.

If you’ve got a boat, you’ve probably got a boat name. Boaters love puns, so there’s a good chance it’s a play on words. And unless you inherited the name when you bought your boat used, you probably have a story behind your choice.

We want to hear it.

RocktheLake is hosting our first ever Boat Name Contest. Whether you’ve got a sailboat, a speedboat, a yacht or a pontoon, if you named it, please send us a photo of the boat with its name.

Need a boat name? This web site has a boat load.

Here’s’s take on boat naming:

Do you stay traditional and name your boat after a sweetheart? If you’ve been jilted, do you name your boat something bitter as a form of catharsis? If you’re not interested in naming your boat after a dame, your boat’s name could represent a struggle you’ve overcome, a quest you’re beginning, or something as simple as the cocktail you plan on sipping while at the helm.

Dockwa compiles a list of its favorite monikers, which includes — no joke — “Saily McSailface.” Clever.

Send us the best of Lake Erie through our form below.

Our favorites will be featured in a gallery and on social media, on RocktheLake and our sister site, And you’ll get to vote on them, too.

A couple of my faves so far: Wetever, spotted at Whiskey Island, and Eriesistable, which docks at Edgewater Yacht Club.

A photo of your boat (optional, 5 megabyte limit):