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What life is like aboard a Great Lakes freighter

The crew lives on the ship, working six hours on and six hours off, seven days a week, for 60 days. So what’s it like aboard a laker? RocktheLake climbed aboard (literally, with a ladder) at the Port of Cleveland Bulk Terminal at Whiskey Island on Lake Erie to find out. We rode Interlake Steamship…

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See the list of freighters arriving at the Port of Cleveland

We love to watch freighters. As long as the Terminal Tower is tall, the ships are eye-catching, mesmerizing, romantic vestiges of industrial glory days. We can’t get over their size, whether they’re powering through Lake Erie or pivoting around the hair-pin curves of the Cuyahoga River. They’re more than a pretty sight on the horizon.…

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Tour the William G. Mather, flagship of the Cleveland Cliffs fleet

The 600-foot William G. Mather was once the biggest, grandest steamship in the Cleveland-Cliffs fleet, carrying 14,000 tons of iron ore from the shores of Lake Superior to the steel mills of Lake Erie. Now, the so-called “ship that built Cleveland” is docked in Cleveland’s North Coast Harbor, part of the Great Lakes Science Center…

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