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What not to do on the Cuyahoga River

We get it. The Cuyahoga River is pure joy on a sunny summer day, a smooth spot for cruising, whether you’re on a jet ski, kayak or stand-up paddleboard. But the river is still a federal shipping channel. And those giant freighters have very little room to maneuver. So play it safe. Here’s what not…

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See Cleveland’s iconic Goodtime III out of the water

The Goodtime III is a staple on Cleveland’s lakefront. But this fall, Great Lakes Ship Yard in Cleveland used a 770-ton mobile Travelift to haul the massive cruiser out of the water, as it is every five years, for inspection, painting and repairs. The 500-ton ship was built in 1990 in Jennings, Louisiana, by LeVac…

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Goodtime III Capt. Jordan Kit: Erie Interviews

Meet Jordan Kit, at 26 the youngest captain of the Goodtime III in the company’s nearly 60-year history. Kit pilots the 500-ton, 1,000-passenger ship through the Cleveland Harbor, under bridges and around freighters on the Cuyahoga River, for as often as four two-hour tours a day.   That wasn’t his original plan. As an international…

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