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Pick your favorite Lake Erie solution in ErieHack 2.0

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A farm drainage tile that filters out phosphorus? A trash screen for storm sewers? An ultrasonic frequency that kills algae? You can vote on your favorite invention to clean up Lake Erie, as part of ErieHack 2.0. The Cleveland Water Alliances competition aims to find solutions to Lake Erie’s most pressing problems,…

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Solve a Lake Erie problem, win money

Got ideas on how to help Lake Erie? The Cleveland Water Alliance is hosting its second Erie Hack innovation competition, with prizes of more than $100,000 for solving broad issues. There are smaller challenges, too, like mapping stormwater areas and reducing plastic waste on the beaches. See the full story at

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Get ready for ErieHack 2.0

It’s back! The signature Cleveland Water Alliance event, ErieHack, where scientists and high school students, compete for a share of $100,000 pitching inventions to solve Lake Erie’s problems. Read all about it at And read all about the Water Alliance and its past successes here.

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