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Water-monitoring buoys launched in Lake Erie for the season

The Cleveland Water Department has launched two buoys for the season. The buoys’ sensors monitor Lake Erie 24/7, keeping track of water temperature, pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and other parameters to help address any changes in lake water quality before it is drawn into Cleveland’s four water treatment plants. The buoys work with the Great…

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What boaters worry about on Lake Erie

They came from yacht clubs and marinas all along Ohio’s north coast, to voice their concerns about Lake Erie. They worry about harmful algal blooms, invasive species, dredging, erosion, the dead zone in the central basin. They want Norfolk Southern railroad to raise the bridge over the Cuyahoga River more quickly, and renters of kayaks…

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What the heck is Lake Erie’s dead zone?

It sounds like a horror movie: the dead zone. But it happens every year in the central basin of Lake Erie, when warmer water stratifies from the colder water below and the oxygen gets used up by decaying organisms. Fish flee because the water has too little oxygen for them to survive. Organisms that can’t…

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