Cuyahoga River: The Music Box Supper Club bridge cam

Music Box Supper Club Bridge Cam

Introducing RocktheLake’s new live video stream of the Norfolk Southern railroad bridge over the Cuyahoga River: The Music Box Supper Club bridge cam!

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The NS1 bridge has been the bane of boating season in Cleveland, since it’s usually down for trains, making it impossible to cross from between Lake Erie and the river, with the Flats summertime playground.
The bridge also holds up the Nautica Queen and Goodtime III cruise ships, and freighters.

About 100 trains a day traverse the bridge. A bridge tender works at the site 24 hours a day, observing boat traffic and trains headed toward the bridge, and contacting train dispatchers in Dearborn, Michigan, who decide when the bridge can be lifted.

Now you can keep track of when the bridge is up, or down, by checking a live camera feed. We mounted a camera at Music Box Supper Club and will keep it pointed at the bridge all the time.

So check it out. Check back. And watch the traffic on the Cuyahoga River.