November winds have made fishing tough, as we get deep into fall. Breakwalls are a good bet. 

Take a look at the full Ohio Department of Natural Resources fish report here. 

Wind and waves: Ohio Lake Erie forecast Nov. 9-11

Where: Fishing has been tough over the last week due to high winds and rain which have most of the lake stirred up. Some larger fish have been caught, but overall catch rates have been low. 

How: Anglers trolling deep diving stick baits, flat lining or using 1 or 2-ounce weights to get down deeper, have been having the most success. Fish are still being picked up on spoons behind dipsy divers, though success rates have dropped. Dark, natural colors have been best. 

Yellow Perch  
Where: Fishing for yellow perch has been average. Fish have been caught in 20 to 30 feet of water off Huron and Vermilion, with good size fish (9 to 11 inches) being caught, but bites have been sporadic. Fish are being caught occasionally by the islands, south of Green Island and east of Kelleys Island. 

How: Perch spreaders with shiners fished near the bottom produce the most fish. 

Steelhead Trout  
Where: Good fishing reported from anglers trolling inside the Fairport Harbor break wall and inside the Conneaut break wall. Anglers fishing from shore are catching fish off the Edgewater, Gordon Park, Fairport Harbor, and Painesville Township piers, and Fairport harbor break wall. 

How: The best baits have been trolling small spoons and crank baits for anglers fishing from boats, and jigs tipped with maggots fished under a bobber and small spoons for anglers fishing from shore.