This is the preferred plan for a revamped Bradstreet’s Landing in Rocky River. (Smith Group JJR)

Rocky River plans to replace 290 feet of the crumbling Bradstreet’s Landing pier — and would like to revive the tired park surrounding it.

The Lake Road pier has been closed since November because of deteriorating concrete, missing supports, fractured steel panels and more in the far end of the pier. The section closest to the land is in fine shape.

The state last year agreed to pay at least $350,000 to remove and replace the fishing pier, according to a recent meeting. It’s $2.3 million job, requiring demolition, new material and barges. The city has requested more state funding this year.

The city is working to secure necessary permits now. The work could be done next year.

An aerial rendering plan for the Lake Road park. (Smith Group JRR)

A later phase of the park is imagined is as:
  • enhancing the beach
  • stabilizing erosion, especially around Spencer Creek
  • building a glass pavilion and steps for seating
  • creating a unified theme for the park
  • building a welcoming entrance
  • adding opportunities for play and exploration, for all ages.

See the whole plan here.

“It’s just what that park needs. It really is a beloved regional piece of infrastructure,” said city Director of Public Safety Service Mary Kay Costello. “It’s used a lot now. And I know these improvements will make it even more popular. We’re so excited.”

The park — popular for fishing, launching kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, and beach glass hunting — is named after British Col. John Bradstreet, who was traveling east from Fort Detroit to Fort Niagara in fall 1764 with about 1,500 troops and 60 boats. The group found the lake treacherous, so rowed the fleet toward what is now the park, when an unexpected surge inundated them. The waves incapacitated 25 boats and damaged others. Short of food and supplies, some of the troops had to travel back by land.