As soon as the ice melts, set sail with the Foundry’s spring frostbite series

Cleveland’s Old Coast Guard Station has a dynamic view of the city. (Laura Johnston, RocktheLake)

Ready to get back in the water? The Foundry’s spring frostbiting series starts Sunday, March 25. It’s nearly free! And you don’t even need your own boat!

(If you’re more of a fair weather sailor, read on for a free series for you, too.)

The Foundry Rowing & Sailing Center started its frostbiting series last fall, partnering with Edgewater Yacht Club. On Sunday mornings into December, hardy sailors came out to race from the Old Coast Guard Station, on Whiskey Island in the Cleveland harbor. They used 420s, several Lasers, a Force 5 and Jet 14.

Now they’re prepping for a spring Sunday series.

​You need to know how to sail a dinghy. There will be no instruction or coach. But you could bring an inexperienced friend to help you crew the two-person boats.

Sailors meet at the Coast Guard station at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings and race until 1 p.m. There is currently no required registration.

If there’s ice in the harbor, the series will be postponed. But you could bring an inexperienced friend to help crew.

The series is part of the Foundry’s mission to remove barriers to sailing, said board member Rusty Dean. 

“It’s going to be great for the kids we have in the program to race against experienced adults,” Deane said. “It’s just a good way for the community to grow.”

Once the warm weather arrives, you can sail for free on Thursdays in the Foundry’s Summer Dinghy Night.

The Foundry will lend out its fleet for frostbiting and summer dinghy racing. (Laura Johnston, RocktheLake)

From May 24 until Aug. 16, the Foundry will host unscored dinghy races every Thursday night at 6 p.m. The Foundry’s fleet of 420s is available, and organizers encourage owners of   lasers, Jet 14s, catamarans, Thistles, Highlanders, Optis, skiffs, Sunfish and more to also participate. 

The series will offer separate classes for different kinds of boats (if there are at least three of a kind).

​Both series require a $100 damage deposit, a check which will be voided at the end of the season. There’s also a $20 gas fee for the entire season per sailor.