Ready to try ice fishing on Lake Erie? A few terms you should know before you go.

Auger: Either electric or manual, it’s a big drill to create the hole in the ice, about 10 inches in diameter.

Creepers: Cleats you attach to the bottom of your shoes to allow you to walk on the ice.

Jigging: Moving your fishing rod up and down, to make the lure dance.

Marking: As in, “Are the fish marking?” When the electronic fish finder lights up to show fish beneath your hole in the ice.

Shanty: A little shed with a floor and sled rails on the bottom, that is dragged onto the ice to sit in and fish. Some are decorated to look like homes, or painted with shamrocks, or wrapped with a Holiday Inn logo.

Skimmer: A ladle with holes, used to measure how the thickness of the ice in a hole and scoop it clear of slush.

Suckerhole: A hole in the ice, caused by something that got stuck, like a stick. The sun heats the object, eroding the ice. On a recent day, one grew 3 inches in an hour, a guide said.

Tip-up: Device used to suspend bait through your hole and detect when a fish strikes, without having to hold a fishing rod. 

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