Think you know Ohio’s North Coast?

Paratus Air took RocktheLake on a helicopter tour of Lake Erie last week, from Burke Lakefront Airport in downtown Cleveland to Put-in-Bay. We wanted to see the village of shanties and the anglers ice fishing on the lake.

See our first post from the ride.

On the way, we got to see our favorite lakeshore landmarks from above: marinas, beaches, lighthouses, schools and apartment buildings. Everything looks different covered in snow and ice.

Check out photographer Dave Petkiewicz’s aerial photos, and test your geography skills. How many spots you can recognize?

Answers are below the Facebook Live videos we took from the air.



  1. Lakewood
  2. Mouth of the Rocky River
  3. Vermilion River
  4. Avon Lake library
  5. Cedar Point
  6. Marblehead lighthouse
  7. Downtown Cleveland
  8. Cleveland’s Battery Park
  9. Clifton Lagoon in Lakewood and Cleveland Yachting Club, in the mouth of the Rocky River
  10. Lakewood’s Gold Coast
  11. Huntington Beach, Bay Village
  12. Avon Lake
  13. Huron
  14. Vermilion River
  15. Downtown Cleveland
  16. Sandusky
  17. Vermilion
  18. Port Clinton lighthouse
  19. Edgewater Park
  20. Cedar Point Road
  21. Avon Lake power plant
  22. Lorain Harbor
  23. South Bass Island
  24. Cedar Point Road
  25. Johnson’s Island

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