Anchor Management won RocktheLake’s best boat name contest. (Kevyn Kistner)

You voted. The best boat name on Lake Erie is Anchor Management, in Mentor Lagoons.

About 43 percent of the 979 votes in RocktheLake’s inaugural contest chose the best name. And we agree. It’s pithy. It’s punny. It’s as nautical as they come. And it’s got a great story, to boot.

Kevyn Kistner and his family bought the 1991 Formula 26-foot Performance Cruiser about six years ago, after a spate of boat-free years.

“I was pretty rusty at anchoring at the beach,” Kistner told RocktheLake. And the big boat did not come with a windlass to mechanically pull up the anchor.

On a warm Friday, when he and his sister took some guests to the beach, Kistner managed “to not only hook someone else’s anchor line, but there was a moment where I had snagged my own as well. It was not my finest hour.”

Friends close by towed the boat so Kistner could untangle the lines. But all his boater friends won’t let him live it down. So he cut some glow-in-the-dark vinyl at his shop, Money Shift Racing, and named the boat after his escapade.

Some of the entries were just plain nauti. (See what we did there?) There was Male Minnowpause and Going Commando and Size Doesn’t Matter. A late entry was Cat Zass.

Cops & Bobber at Cedar Point Marina took second place, and third went to Cirrhosis of the River.

You can see all the photos here.

While some Facebook commenters thought our list was weak, we picked nine good, clean names for our poll from nearly 30 entries. You can see the results below. And you can keep sending us more of the best boat names you spot, at marinas or around the Great Lakes.

Congrats, Kistner family!