So you’ve always wanted to try scuba diving? But you weren’t sure you wanted to commit hundreds of dollars and a couple weeks to getting certified?

Just Add Water scuba shop in Fairview Park and Willoughby offers Try Diving courses, which include a short class and a few hours trying out the sport in the shallow end of the pool. That way you can get a feel for it before you decide to dive down to shipwrecks in Lake Erie.

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During the holidays, Just Add Water even brings Santa Claus to the pool, so you can take underwater photos with the jolly old elf.

Try Dives are $39, which includes rental equipment, class time and instruction. A few things I learned on my first experience with scuba (which has been on my bucket list for decades).

  1. That’s regular air in the tank. Not oxygen.
  2. Snorkel fins are lighter than scuba fins. But neither has a right and a left; either fits either foot.
  3. Your ears feel pressure even 3 feet underwater.
  4. Scuba divers wear wetsuits because you get cold just cruising. It’s not like swimming laps.

Just Add Water offers classes monthly at indoor swimming pools. Here are some upcoming dates:


  • Dec. 16
  • Jan. 20
  • Feb. 24

Fairview Park

  • Feb. 3
  • March 24