Here are the freighters expected in November 2017 at the Port of Cleveland.

On the lookout for salties?

Here are the European ships expected in the Port of Cleveland this month:

Nov. 9: Fagelgracht, carrying containers, from Antwerp, Belgium
Nov. 10: Albanyborg, carrying general cargo from Hamburg, Germany
Nov. 12: Eeborg, carrying steel, from Ijmuiden, Netherlands
Nov. 14: Drawsco, carrying coils/skids, from Ijmuiden, Netherlands
Nov. 15: Federal Margaree, carrying steel, from Antwerp, Belgium
Nov. 18: Federal Ems, carrying steel, from Antwerp, Belgium
Nov. 18: Federal Leda, carrying steel, from Antwerp, Belgium
Nov. 28: Fivelborg, carrying steel, from Oxelosund, Sweden
Nov. 30: Finnborg, steel, from Oxelosund, Sweden

The port’s Cleveland-Europe Express is the only direct, scheduled vessel service moving cargo between the Great Lakes and Europe, through Antwerp, Belgium, across the Atlantic Ocean and up the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The mighty lakers – which are generally bigger and make up about 95 percent of freighter traffic on the Great Lakes — are still making their rounds, too, and will likely until January, when the locks at Sault Ste. Marie shut down for winter ice.
But there’s no schedule for lakers, so you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled.