You know how lake-effect clouds make Cleveland’s winter days gray? Here’s what the satellite view of Lake Erie looks like. (NOAA)

A roller coaster of weather is ahead for Lake Erie this weekend. If you’re hoping to get some time out on the water, I’d go for Friday morning and afternoon, and again on Monday. Saturday and Sunday, you may want to avoid the lake.

(Unfortunately, the Midwest Collegiate Sailing Fall Championship regatta at the Old Coast Guard Station is taking place Saturday and Sunday.)

Friday, waves are looking relatively calm although winds will be breezy at times. Skies are looking rain-free until the evening.

The National Weather Service will likely issue a small craft advisory for Saturday, as stormy conditions will spark up strong wi

nds up to 33 knots at times, creating waves over 9 feet. Those winds and waves could be difficult for new mariners, or those with smaller boats, warranting the advisory. The windy weather will continue into Sunday, but with temperatures dropping, precipitation will switch over the snow. Another small craft advisory is likely as waves could hit 9 feet again.

Things calm back down Monday with waves less than 4 feet. Although winds will still be breezy, conditions should be good enough to sail again, if you don’t mind chilly temperatures in the low 40s.

Check out the full forecast for the Cleveland area:

Friday, Nov. 17

High air temperature: 48 degrees

Water temperature: 54 degrees

Winds: 10 knots from the south, 17 knots from the south in the evening

Waves: 1 to 2 feet

Conditions: partly cloudy until a chance of showers, storms in the evening

Saturday, Nov. 18

High air temperature: 56 degrees

Water temperature: 54 degrees

Winds: 22 knots from the south-southwest, later building to 33 knots from the west-northwest in the evening

Waves: over 5 feet building to over 9 feet in the evening

Conditions: showers and storms

Sunday, Nov. 19

High air temperature: 38 degrees

Water temperature: 54 degrees

Winds: 28 knots from the west-northwest later subsiding to 21 knots

Waves: 9 feet later decreasing to 6 feet

Conditions: snow showers

Monday, Nov. 20

High air temperature: 41 degrees

Water temperature: 54 degrees

Winds: 20 knots from the west

Waves: 3 to 4 feet

Conditions: partly cloudy

For the full forecast in other Lake Erie zones, head to the National Weather Service’s marine forecast page to click on your specific area of interest.